2019 Sermons

6th January, 2019          Ephesians 3:7-11     The mystery of the Gospel


13th January, 2019        Luke 3:21-22             A voice from heaven


20th January, 2019        John 2:9-11               The Sign within the Sign


27th January, 2019        Luke 4:21                   Knowing and living in truth


3rd February, 2019         John 14:6a                Knowing and living in truth - Part 2


10th February, 2019       Psalm 86:11             Knowing and living in truth - Part 3


17th February, 2019       Luke 6:20-23             How blessed we are!


24th February, 2019       Luke 6:37-38             Living in and out of forgiveness


3rd March, 2019             2 Corinthians 3:18   Seeing is.... transforming


10th March, 2019           Luke 4:1-4                 What lies behind the Devil's temptations


17th March, 2019           Pr Peter on annual leave


24th March, 2019           Pr Peter on annual leave


31st March, 2019           Pr Peter on annual leave


7th April, 2019                Isaiah 43:18-19a    The glory days


14th April, 2019              Luke 19:36-40        Following Jesus rightly


19th April, 2019              Ephesians 5:1-2     The Love of God, that He has for you and for me


21st April, 2019              1 Corinthians 15:19-20   Resurrection Hope


28th April, 2019              Revelation 1:5b-6   Forgiven and freed


5th May, 2019                 John 21:17-19        Following Christ no matter what the cost


12th May, 2019               Proverbs 31:10,30   Women of praise


19th May, 2019               Psalm 100:2           Giving worth to God


26th May, 2019               John 5:6                  Do you want to be healed?


2nd June, 2019               Pr Peter at District Synod - no recording this week


9th June, 2019                John 14:26             Our Teacher, the Holy Spirit


16th June, 2019              Psalm 8:3-5            Made a little lower than God


23rd June, 2019              Galatians 3:28-29   Made one through Jesus


30th June, 2019              Parish service at Glencoe - no recording this week


7th July, 2019                  Luke 10:3                Lambs among wolves


14th July, 2019                Deuteronomy 30:15   Living out life


21st July, 2019                Luke 10:41-42        Mary & Martha - it's not what you think!


28th July, 2019                Pr Peter away - no recording this week


4th August, 2019             Ecclesiastes 1:14   Living under the sun vs Living under the Son


11th August, 2019           Hebrews 11:1        Faith in a faithful God


18th August, 2019           Luke 12:51             Peace on God's terms


25th August, 2019           Hebrews 12:25      Have ears to hear


1st September, 2019       Psalm 103:13        Fatherly compassion and care


Pastor Peter is on R&R (Rest and Refreshment) Leave until 2nd December.

Sermon videos will recommence upon his return.


8th December, 2019        Matthew 3:3           Preparing the way for Christmas, and beyond


15th December, 2019      Matthew 11:2-6     Understanding Jesus for who he really is


22nd December, 2019     Matthew 1:21-23   His name....


25th December, 2019      John 3:16               Christmas Address


29th December, 2019      Parish service at Glencoe - no recording this week