2020 Sermons

5th January, 2020          John 1:9-13              What kind of vision will you have in 2020?


12th January, 2020        Matthew 3:13-15     The law and gospel distinction


19th January, 2020        1 Corinthians 1:2     Called to be saints of God


26th January, 2020        Mark 12:17               The natural flow of living in God's world


2nd February, 2020         Matthew 5:1-3         Perceiving the graciousness of God


9th February, 2020          Matthew 5:17          Christ's and our relationship to the Law


16th February, 2020        Deuteronomy 30:19   The two ways - life and death


23rd February, 2020        Matthew 17:5          Whose story is this?


1st March, 2020               Romans 5:19           God's salvation for all


8th March, 2020               Genesis 12:1           Trusting God in all things


15th March, 2020             John 4:24                Rightful worship of God


22nd March, 2020            No recording this week due to power supply interruption


In response to the COVID-19 gathering restrictions, a series of complete recorded services will be available for viewing each week, until further notice.  All services will be recorded with the minimum number of persons needed to make the videos, whilst observing strict social distancing measures.  All hymns have been sourced from previous service recordings.  


29th March, 2020             Psalm 130:5             Our hope is in Tod's word to us   (Full Service)


5th April, 2020                  Matthew 21:10-11   The King reigns - differently   (Full Service)


10th April, 2020                Matthew 8:16-17     Good Friday   (Full Service)


12th April, 2020                John 20:17               Easter Sunday   (Full Service)


19th April, 2020                Psalm 16:8               Guided by God we will be secure   (Full Service)


26th April, 2020                1 Peter 1:22             Love in all times and in all places   (Full Service)


3rd May, 2020                   John 10:1-3              Jesus the good shepherd   (Full Service)


10th May, 2020                 John 14:1                 Called to have confidence and trust   (Full Service)

(16/5/20 updated:  With the easing of restrictions meaning we can have a gathering of 10 persons maximum, all voice recordings of the responses and all the hymn singing is now made at the same time of the Service recording)


17th May, 2020                   John 14:15             A relationship of love based on love   (Full Service)


24th May, 2020                   John 17:3               The nature of Eternal Life   (Full Service)


31st May, 2020                   1 Corinthians 12:12-13   Many members of the one body   (Full Service)


7th June, 2020                    Genesis 1:26-27    Made in the image of God   (Full Service)


14th June, 2020                  James 1:19-22      The anger of man wins you only misery & regret   (Full Service)


With the implementation of the Industry COVID Safe Plan, we will be recommencing services in our churches for our parish members.  Due to privacy restrictions, we cannot continue to upload the full services and will now be reverting to loading the sermons only.


21st June, 2020                  Romans 6:11          You are alive to God


28th June, 2020                  Genesis 22:8          Living & journeying by faith


5th July, 2020                      Romans 7:24-25    The experience of every Christian


12th July, 2020                    Romans 8:6            Setting your mind on life and peace


19th July, 2020                    Matthew 13:37-38   The Good Seed and the Weeds


26th July, 2020                    Matthew 13:44       Great joy with the kingdom of God


2nd August, 2020                Genesis 32:28        The making of Jacob - wrestling with God himself


9th August, 2020                 Matthew 14:29       Always focussing on Jesus


16th August, 2020               Matthew 15:10-11   What spoils a person


23rd August, 2020               No Sermon recording this week due to technical issues.


30th August, 2020               Romans 12:9          Love is to be true


6th September, 2020           Exodus 12:3           The role of fathers


13th September, 2020         No Sermon recording this week due to Pr Peter on Annual Leave


20th September, 2020         No Sermon recording this week due to Pr Peter on Annual Leave


27th September, 2020         Philippians 2:12-13   Now's the time to work out your salvation


4th October, 2020                 Philippians 3:13b-14   Pressing on toward the goal


11th October, 2020               Matthew 22:14     God's graciousness to a fallen world


18th October, 2020               Matthew 22:21     Giving to God what belongs to him


25th October, 2020               John 8:31              Followers and learners of Christ


1st November, 2020             1 John 3:2-3          Living the Christian hope


8th November, 2020             Matthew 25:13     Being well prepared


15th November, 2020           Matthew 25:29     The abundance of giving


22nd November, 2020          Matthew 25:34     The promise of heaven


29th November, 2020           1 Corinthians 1:7-9   God's great reset


6th December, 2020              2 Peter 3:9            The patience and graciousness of God


13th December, 2020           1 Thessalonians 5:19   Letting the Holy Spirit burn within


20th December, 2020           Luke 1:32               Favour shown from the reigning Christ


25th December, 2020           Christmas Day Service


27th December, 2020           Galations 4:7         An incredible status and gift